Hi, I’m Willow…

I enjoying combining my love of Pop Culture and Broadcasting together for my podcasts, add a bit of curiosity for Cryptids, Aliens, and the Paranormal, you have the recipe for great weekend entertainment.

I’m a Cohost for Back of the Cereal Box, a Saturday Morning podcast that takes a look back at the cartoons from our youth. John B. Pyka, Aubrey Cavitt, and myself, show off our latest collection finds, and have a bowl of cereal to top off the nostalgia of being a kid. Saturday Morning 8 AM Central/ 9 AM Eastern.

You can also find me hosting Cryptid Crunch on the first and third Sunday of every month, along side with my eccentric cohost Keisha Acuff. We don’t take things too seriously, so don’t expect this show to be anything but a tongue in cheek look into Myths, Monsters, and Legends. Every other Sunday 8 PM Central/ 9PM Eastern.

We also love interacting with our audience, join in on the discussion in the chat during our live shows, comment on our content on our social media pages, and become a supporter on our Patreon.


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